Promoting Quality Education in Tajikistan.

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Tajikistan Learn Together Activity

Project Dates: October 2020 - September 2025
The Learn Together Activity (LTA) is a five-year project which aims to improve Tajik primary students learning skills, with a focus on improving reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and mathematics.

Tajikistan has free and compulsory basic education, with high enrollment and completion rates. However, the education system faces many challenges, including an insufficient budget, a lack of professional-development opportunities for teachers, and outdated curricula and educational materials.

The USAID Learn Together Activity addresses these challenges by partnering with the government of Tajikistan and the private sector to improve instruction, capacity, and materials. The project improves reading and mathematics instruction by providing professional development opportunities for teachers and increasing the quality of and access to supplemental educational materials. Committed to inclusivity and accessibility, the project focuses on regions with lower learning outcomes and ensures that materials and instruction are accessible to all, including students with disabilities. The partnership with the government of Tajikistan ensures that the national education system innovates and nationalizes best practices such as effective teacher training and distribution of learning materials.

By improving instruction in reading and math, increasing the availability of instructional materials, and providing professional development for teachers, the project helps develop Tajik students’ skills in the classroom and beyond.

Project Goals

  • Improve reading and math instruction and availability of supplemental materials
  • Increase professional-development opportunities for reading and math teachers
  • Increase government capacity to develop and implement cohesive primary education policies and programs