Laying a Digital Foundation.

Democracy and Governance

Digital Liberia and Electronic Government Capacity Building Activity

Project Dates: September 2016 - April 2020
Improving ICT infrastructure is a critical step in strengthening the Liberian government’s decision-making around how to manage health, education, and other services for its citizens.

Although the Liberian government has been working to strengthen its technology use for some time, the 2014 Ebola epidemic highlighted the need for a systematic overhaul of the country’s ICT capacities. This health crisis revealed the crucial role that stronger communication and digital integration can play in government decision-making. The Digital Liberia and Electronic Government Capacity Building Activity focuses on improving accountability and transparency so that the national government can better share information with the public. Project activities include ICT guidance, training, and partnerships to strengthen Liberia’s health, education, and economic growth sectors.

Project Goals

  • Provide government Internet services with strong connectivity to prioritized ministries, agencies, and commissions to improve overall digital capacity and ICT infrastructure
  • Develop a Concept of Operations for Government Internet Services Provisioning as well as standard operating procedures, templates, and guidelines
  • Improve national electronic communication among government agencies and public service providers