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Director, Water, Energy, and Sustainable Cities Practice Michael Ashford

Michael Ashford is a senior clean energy and infrastructure professional with more than 20 years of experience working with USAID, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation, as well as private and non-profit organizations. For USAID and the government of Nepal, Mr. Ashford led assessments and training for a public-private partnership project that financed run-of-river hydropower. He also completed return-on-investment analysis and training for energy efficiency and demand side management programs in Senegal. In the energy efficiency and biological sequestration sectors, Mr. Ashford co-led a feasibility study for the World Bank’s Proto-Type Carbon Fund and for carbon financing of greenhouse gas reduction activities. For private sector clients, he assessed project investment opportunities for biomass-fired cogeneration and coalmine methane recovery and use. Mr. Ashford also worked with the International Finance Corporation and Global Environment Facility to evaluate global small and medium-size enterprise investments in commercial entities that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions through their businesses.

Blog Posts by Michael Ashford

Let There Be Light: The Case for Powering Peri-Urban Communities

A well-established energy system aids all sectors, from commerce, technology, and communications, to health, education, agriculture and infrastructure. Conversely, a dearth of reliable energy constrains human and economic development. While 222 million people have gained access to electricity in recent years, one in five — or 1.1 billion people worldwide — still lack access. Many…

Sustained Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Power Hinges on Local and Regional Distribution Companies

Refocusing on distribution sector performance While central governments’ efforts in sub-Saharan Africa — with the support of the donor community — often focus on reducing risks to investment in new generation, the long-term financial and political sustainability of increased energy access depends equally on the success of local distribution companies. As noted in Mark Tomlinson’s…