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Senior Democracy and Governance Specialist Luke Waggoner

Luke Waggoner is a senior democracy and governance specialist supporting company-wide efforts to strengthen local governance, the rule of law, and integrate democracy and governance principles into peace and stability projects. Before joining Chemonics, Luke worked at the International Republican Institute where he served as a senior governance specialist and stood up the organization’s Fragility and Resilience Practice. Luke also developed the organization’s institutional frameworks for countering violent extremism and addressing forced migration through improved local governance. He has piloted small-scale research and implementation projects to strengthen community resilience to violence, and instability in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Africa and Asia. Before his career in international development, Luke worked in state government and politics in Colorado where he also received his M.A. in International Development from the University of Denver’s Korbel School.

by Luke Waggoner

3 Lessons from Jordan on Using Asset and Liability Management to Encourage Local Economic Development

Introduction of key concepts and Jordanian context Municipalities own many assets that residents and businesses depend on for critical services. We all rely on drinking water which is treated and flows through municipal pipes to our homes. We depend on our trash being collected and disposed of in the municipal landfill, and the trucks that…

For Holistic Violence Prevention, Consider the Local Systems Framework

Community violence manifests in myriad forms, from gang violence to organized crime. The gamut of ways in which violence materializes implies a litany of societal cleavages, weak governance, and discordant agendas. Too often, efforts to prevent violence either diagnose the causes of violence too narrowly or fail to connect violence prevention on the individual level…

Why Are So Many Tunisians Joining the Islamic State?

This article, co-authored by Geoffrey Macdonals and Luke Waggoner, appeared in The Washington Post.

To Combat Terrorism, Tackle Corruption Fueling Discontent

Co-authored by Eguiar Lizundia and Luke Waggoner, this op-ed appeared on TheHill.com.

Dashed Hopes and Extremism in Tunisia

This article appeared in the Johns Hopkins University Journal of Democracy and was co-authored by Geoffrey Macdonald and Luke Waggoner.

Terrorism on the Eastern Front

This article asks the question "Is Kosovo the next big recruiting ground in Europe for ISIS?" It originally appeared in The American Interest and was co-authored by Paul McCarthy and Luke Waggoner.