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Project Management Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Business Unit Enrique Betancourt

Enrique Betancourt is a trained architect and urban planner who previously served as executive director at the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation in Mexico. As an expert in urban innovation, he co-founded CONTEXTUAL, an agency developing creative solutions to complex urban problems through collaborative and participatory design. CONTEXTUAL works to bridge the gap between research, policy design, and successful implementation. Previously, Enrique served as deputy general director of social policy for the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico. He holds a master’s of architecture in urban design from Harvard University.

by Enrique Betancourt

Target Interventions to Reduce Homicides in Mexico

Homicides in Mexico had been steadily falling since hitting their peak between 2010 and 2011, but sudden spikes in 2015 and 2016 are causing the international community to look around for answers. October 2016 was the most violent month in nearly four years, appearing to wipe out recent progress. The good news is that based…