Perspective: Marvie Javed on Climate Change and the Flooding in Pakistan

The catastrophic flooding in Pakistan demonstrates both the devastating consequences of climate change and how communities that are the least responsible for climate change can be most affected. Marvie Javed, a Lahore-based senior specialist at Chemonics, shares her perspective.
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Marvie Javed

Marvie Javed is senior specialist in Chemonics’ Environment and Natural Resources Practice.

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HRH2030’s Health Worker Life Cycle

The HRH2030 Health Worker Life Cycle provides a health worker-centered approach to the health labor market framework.
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Webinar: The Health Workforce of the Future

The third and final event of the HRH2030 end-of-program legacy series featured a panel of experts discussing key topics related to the health workforce.
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Final Report: HRH2030 in Jordan

The HRH2030 Jordan activity provided tailored technical assistance and capacity building interventions to help Jordan meet its HRH needs for improved health outcomes.
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Final Report: HRH2030 in the Philippines

In the Philippines, HRH2030 supported the Philippines Department of Health (DOH) to strengthen recruitment, deployment, development, retention, and performance management of the health workforce.
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Final Report: HRH2030 in Mali

HRH2030 Mali supported the Ministry of Health and Social Development (MHSD) to ensure the availability of quality health care and services in six regions.
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Final Report: HRH2030 in Senegal

HRH2030 Senegal implemented a strategic and comprehensive response to the key human resources for health (HRH) challenges confronting the country’s health sector.
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Final Report: HRH2030 in Indonesia

HRH2030 offered a strategic, comprehensive plan to improve health outcomes by enhancing the availability and use of quality HRH data to strengthen the health workforce.
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