We continually seek outstanding individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world and are willing to serve as long- or short-term technical specialists.

To apply for an international short- or long-term position, click on the position title, and follow the instructions in the job advertisement.

Multiple technical advisors | Ukraine | 2021 Ukraine
Health Systems
Chief of party | Bangladesh | 2021 Bangladesh
Cross-Sector Development
Finance and Operations Director | Ethiopia | 2021 Ethiopia
Supply Chain Management
Component leads | Fiji | 2021
Improved Production Practices and Technologies
Short-term gender mainstreaming advisor | London | 2021 United Kingdom
Education and Youth
Team leader | Ukraine | 2021 Ukraine
Stabilization and Transition Assistance
Chief of Party | Ukraine | 2021 Ukraine
Health Systems
Chief of party | Serbia | 2021 Serbia
Deputy country director | Cameroon | 2021 Cameroon
Health Supply Chains
Financing and business specialist | Mozambique | 2021 Mozambique
Water and Wastewater
Social and behavior change specialist | Mozambique | 2021 Mozambique
Social and Behavior Change for Health
Water and Wastewater
Chief of party | Nepal | 2021 Nepal
Agriculture and Food Security
Chief of party | Nepal | 2021 Nepal
Public Financial Management
Social reintegration officer | Lebanon | 2021 Lebanon
Education and Youth
Private sector health technical experts | United States | 2021
Access to Finance
Business Enabling Environment
Capacity Building
Health Systems
Technical specialists | Uganda | 2020 Uganda