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News: Moldova Competitiveness Project Selected as Digital Development Award Winner

January 2, 2019
2 Minute Read
The Digital Development Awards recognize USAID projects and activities that apply digital technologies and data-driven approaches to meet development objectives. This year, USAID recognizes the Moldova Competitiveness Project, implemented by Chemonics, for its use of technology to safeguard the country’s vineyards.

Tracking Distortions Versus Designing for Disruption

Spencer Parsons
November 1, 2018
2 Minute Read
Humanitarian professionals track market distortions to try to mitigate their effects. Meanwhile, development practitioners have been known to design market disruptions to innovate. But, whether you’re tracking distortions or designing for disruptions, monitoring and evaluation are crucial.

Drones Present Modern Solution for Heritage Wine Industry

Olesea Galusca | Alexei Burciu
October 2, 2018
2 Minute Read
From detecting vine infection to providing more reliable data, pilot demonstrates the many ways drone technology can safeguard vineyards in Moldova and around the world.

News: Chemonics Gears Up for Major Conferences

September 25, 2018
3 Minute Read
Chemonics convenes its youth and economic experts for two major industry events: The Global Youth Economic Opportunities (GYEO) 2018 Summit and the Small Enterprise Evaluation Project (SEEP) Annual Conference.

Securing our Future: Partnerships for Youth

Prince Owusu
September 18, 2018
3 Minute Read
How can we use the resources of public-private partnerships to solve youth unemployment and position young people to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges – in agriculture, natural resources, tourism, and more?

Equipping for Expected and…Unexpected Outcomes: The Convergence of Economic Growth and Governance

David Anderson | Curtis Hundley |
August 15, 2018
3 Minute Read
Complex problems require complex solutions, but how do we design and manage cross-sectoral projects? David Anderson and Curtis Hundley discuss how a project in Vietnam got it right.

A First Economic Step toward Gender Equality

Rachel Muth
July 12, 2018
4 Minute Read
In this post, Rachel Muth illustrates the importance of looking at gender equity through an economic lens, and the role that economic independence can play in closing the gender gap.

From the Philippines to Colombia: Three Insights to Bridge the Usage Gap in Financial Services

Lauren Redfield
June 28, 2018
4 Minute Read
Less than 5 percent of payments in emerging economies are digital. In this post, Lauren Redfield shows how tactics to boost the use of digital financial services in the Philippines could be applied elsewhere.
Women meet as part of a community savings group in Colombia.

Value Chain Finance with a Digital Twist

Heather Joffe Reyes
June 12, 2018
4 Minute Read
Banks and microfinance institutions have long struggled to reach rural clients with traditional methods. Heather Joffe Reyes explores an approach that blends agricultural value chain financing with digital services to ensure rural communities in Colombia can access the financial services that they need.