Final Reports: Jordan Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism

These reports summarize the life of the Jordan Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism (BEST) project which aimed to increase economic growth and job creation in Jordan's tourism sector.
Resource - Project Report

Getting to (2+6): A Toolkit for Responsive Numeracy Programs

This toolkit provides education technicians and program leads with resources to effectively design and implement quality, inclusive numeracy programs.
Resource - Toolkit

Final Report: USAID Quality Reading Program–Time to Read

This final report summarizes the achievements of the Kyrgyz Republic Quality Reading Program–Time to Read (TTR) which improved reading outcomes for primary grade students in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Guatemala Youth and Gender Justice Project

This final report highlights the results and lessons learned from Guatemala's Youth and Gender Justice Project.
Resource - Project Report

An Evaluation of the Injaz Psychosocial Support Program in Syria

This report evaluates the effectiveness of the psychosocial support activities delivered by the Injaz education program in Syria. It uses project data to make recommendations for other implementors and funders working in similar contexts.
Resource - Project Report

ACCELERE!1 Interactive Radio Lessons

"Lecture pour la vie" is a local language interactive radio instruction program developed by the ACCELERE!1 program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Resource - Radio Lessons

Final Report: Honduras Quality Reading Materials Activity

The USAID Quality Reading Materials Activity ensured that students and teachers have access to reliable and efficient learning materials in Honduras. This report summarizes the program's achievements.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Feed the Future Uganda Youth Leadership Activity

This final report summarizes the achievements of the Feed the Future (FTF) Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity (YLA), which increased economic opportunities for Ugandan female and male youth.
Resource - Project Report

Benin’s Young Logisticians Professional Program

This presentation explains the Young Logistician Professionals Program (YLPP) in Benin, which increases the capacity of young professionals to manage and monitor the health supply chain at the community level.
Resource - Event

Testing an Approach to Distance Professional Development in Senegal

To respond to a variety of needs — from COVID-19 disruptions to the adoption of new and diverse instructional approaches — the Lecture Pour Tous program piloted an approach to increase sustainable access to continued professional development.
Resource - Technical Brief

Lecture Pour Tous Early Grade Reading Assessment Midline Results

Drawing from action research conducted by the project, Lecture Pour Tous is developing a policy framework to increase and sustain long-term student reading outcomes. The program has yielded positive results in the first three years of implementation.
Resource - Project Report