Living the Principles for Digital Development

In 2017, Chemonics endorsed the Principles for Digital Development. In this video series, our technical experts explain how they have applied these best practices to their development work.
Resource - Video Series

Blended Finance Technical Briefs

Chemonics’ Center for Private Sector Engagement, in collaboration with Dalberg and KOIS, developed technical briefs on blended finance in the areas of agricultural finance, gender lens investing, healthcare services, health supply chains, and sustainable landscapes.
Resource - Technical Brief

Final Reports: Jordan Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism

These reports summarize the life of the Jordan Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism (BEST) project which aimed to increase economic growth and job creation in Jordan's tourism sector.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP)

This final report examines the Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP), including how it created a legacy of improved capacity and longer-term sustainability with partners and beneficiaries and how the project facilitated public and private sector collaboration focused on economic growth.
Resource - Project Report

USAID DRC Investment Activity Fact Sheet

This factsheet for USAID's DRC Investment Activity provides an overview of the project's activity to build a pipeline of potential investors, and investment-ready companies in the DRC.
Resource - Fact Sheet

Final Report: E-PESO Activity

This report summarizes the accomplishments of the Philippines E-PESO Activity, which supported the transition of the Philippine economy from cash/checks to electronic payments for broader-based economic growth and financial inclusion.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Tunisia Fiscal Reform for a Strong Tunisia

With greater simplicity, equity, and efficiency in its fiscal policies, the Tunisian government can foster sustainable and inclusive growth. Learn how the Fiscal Reform for a Strong Tunisia activity contributed to these outcomes.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Vietnam Governance for Inclusive Growth Program (GIG)

This final report examines the outcomes of the Governance for Inclusive Growth (GIG) program and how it enhanced governance, improved trade and the regulatory environment, increased accountability, and expanded inclusive social and economic opportunities for vulnerable populations in Vietnam.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Kosovo Partnerships for Development

The Kosovo Partnerships for Development's final report highlights how the project supported central and local government institutions to create a business-friendly and competitive environment that attracts foreign investments, while maintaining macroeconomic stability.
Resource - Project Report

Lessons Learned on Scaling Aflasafe Through Commercialization in Sub-Saharan Africa

This brief provides an overview of the five-step process on scaling Aflasafe through commercialization in sub-Saharan Africa and highlights lessons learned.
Resource - Technical Brief

Our Journey from Incubation to Market: Status of Aflasafe Commercialization in Africa

This brief describes the three-phase approach to transfer and commercialize Aflasafe across different African countries, as well as the challenges and lessons learned throughout the process.
Resource - Technical Brief

Final Report: Agriculture and Rural Development Support Project

This final report recaps the accomplishments and lessons learned from the ARDS program in Ukraine, which supported the agriculture sector to improve livelihoods in rural areas.
Resource - Project Report