Transparency in Finance.

Integrated Financial Management System Project

Project Dates: September 2014 - May 2019
A dependable network infrastructure in Haiti would mean more reliable financial management and a more transparent government.

An efficient network infrastructure is integral to helping a government operate smoothly. The USAID Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) project supports the Haitian government as it restores and expands the country’s IFSM-related network infrastructure. IFMS set up the hardware and software systems and also trains government ministries in these systems to increase their efficiency. The project’s activities include improving the way that ministries collect revenues, submit budget requests, conduct audits, and deliver public services overall. With this upgraded system, ministries find it easier to share data and, as a result, the Haitian government will become more financially efficient, transparent, and accountable.

Project Goals

  • Align government business processes and technology usage
  • Support the country’s network infrastructure and manage the expansion of that network
  • Collaborate with government ministries as well as independent oversight agencies to ensure the best performance of financial systems