Supporting Innovations for a Sustainable Soy Supply Chain .

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Land Innovation Fund for Sustainable Livelihoods

Project Dates: July 2020 - June 2025
The Land Innovation Fund for Sustainable Livelihoods supports innovations that will make the soy supply chain sustainable and deforestation-free.

Deforestation and the conversion of native vegetation linked to the soy supply chain are serious environmental concerns to key biomes in South America and obstacles to achieving sustainability in the agricultural sector.

The Land Innovation Fund for Sustainable Livelihoods, established with an initial contribution from Cargill, is managed by Chemonics. The fund supports innovations that make the soy supply chain sustainable and deforestation-free in the Amazon, Cerrado, and Gran Chaco biomes. The fund’s efforts engage stakeholders in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and internationally to develop, test, and pilot new solutions that are relevant at the farm level. The fund aims to help farmers in South America produce soy more efficiently and profitably, reduce the environmental and social impact of their operations, and protect and restore native vegetation in their land.

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Project Goals

  • Ensure that soy is produced responsibly
  • Support innovations that achieve higher productivity through sustainable practices
  • Support innovations for farmers to conserve and restore forests and native vegetation
  • Consolidate networks and resources to promote and inform sector-wide transformation