Supplying Safe Water to Rural Tajikistan .

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USAID Rural Water Supply

Project Dates: October 2020 - September 2025
Better water supply and resource management in Tajikistan can improve the health and resilience of rural communities.

In Tajikistan, rural communities lack access to essential goods and services, which contributes to a high prevalence of childhood undernutrition, stunting, and other poor health issues. Increasing access to clean water and sanitation can improve these outcomes.

The USAID Rural Water Supply (RWS) Activity partners with local governments, communities, and businesses to develop and improve safe drinking water infrastructure and services. RWS works in underserved rural communities to establish better business models for drinking water service providers through professional coaching and improving standard operating procedures. Lack of access to clean water disproportionately affects women and youth, so RWS meets with community members through every step of the construction process and empowers them to oversee service providers. This ensures that women and youth play an active role in the implementation process and improves access for future generations.

By improving safe drinking water infrastructure and services in rural communities and empowering women and youth to become managers of safe drinking water, the project promotes the health and resilience of rural communities in Tajikistan.

Project Goals

  • Increase access to drinking water in rural Tajikistan through small-scale infrastructure projects
  • Improve drinking water providers’ access to finance and management practices
  • Engage communities in the oversight and accountability of drinking water service providers