Strengthening Public Service Delivery in Mozambique.

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Transparency and Accountability for Inclusive Development Mozambique

Project Dates: November 2020 - March 2024
Supporting Mozambican citizens to participate in policymaking and the design of public services can improve the effectiveness of state systems and services.

Recently discovered reserves of natural gas and minerals have bolstered Mozambique’s economy. With 13 million Mozambicans living in poverty, many citizens have yet to feel the benefits of increased national prosperity, further eroding trust in government. Boosting provision of and access to health, education, water, and sanitation public services will not only help address pressing development challenges, but also improve relations between the government and its citizens.

With funding from UK aid from the UK government, this project, also known as POTENCIAR, creates pathways for citizens to articulate their needs from government. By sparking dialogue between citizens, civil society, and government bodies, POTENCIAR seeks to make the government more responsive and promote fair distribution of resources and services.

The project researches the shape and performance of Mozambique’s public services. POTENCIAR translates research into evidence-based reforms and activities that improve the effectiveness of government services, increasing allocation of resources where needed. Research and analysis focus on the role of civil society organizations play in scrutinizing government’s actions and catalyzing state reform.

The project also supports media and civil society organizations to call for a more open government, with a focus on innovation to rejuvenate and modernize Mozambique. Strengthening the vibrancy of civil society organizations improves the public’s ability to hold the government to account.

POTENCIAR’s ultimate goal is to improve the government’s ability to respond to its citizens’ needs and achieve progressive institutional change. Better public services will improve living standards, creating a greater level of trust in the state.

Project Goals

  • Uncover the issues undermining basic public services
  • Improve government transparency and accountability
  • Pilot innovative and digital civic engagement methods
  • Evaluate different approaches to inclusive decision-making
  • Advocate for increased funding for basic services across all levels of government
  • Partner with organizations working to deliver a more accountable and transparent Mozambican government

Consortium Partners

  • Centro de Aprendizagem e Capacitação da Sociedade Civil (Center for Learning and Capacity Building Civil Society)
  • COWI A/S
  • Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  • Konung International

This program is funded by UK aid from the UK government.

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