Stepping Up Public Accountability in Somalia.

Democracy and Governance | Legislative Strengthening
Project Dates: September 2019 - May 2021
To secure debt relief, Somalia must strengthen financial oversight practices and embrace principles of accountability.

Somalia faces heightened public scrutiny as its government manages $92 million of E.U. budget support while striving to meet International Monetary Fund performance benchmarks. Its ability to adopt sound fiscal policy and improve financial governance will determine its eligibility for debt relief. At this critical juncture, the Federal Parliament of Somalia must strengthen its financial oversight practices and embrace principles of accountability.

The Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (Damal) project, funded by USAID, works with Somalia’s government to strengthen the Parliament’s capacity for financial governance and oversight. Damal improves legislative management regarding budgetary and financial reforms, establishes more effective and independent institutions, strengthens the capacity of members of Parliament and key committee staff, and promotes increased public participation in parliamentary processes.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen the Federal Parliament of Somalia’s ability to fulfill its legislative and oversight responsibilities, particularly regarding financial governance and oversight
  • Support civil society dialogue to promote meaningful public participation in legislative processes
  • Promote and facilitate knowledge sharing; peer mentoring; and support between federal and regional representatives, committee chairs, and secretary generals
  • Support members of Parliament in engaging with the media to encourage transparent decision-making