Modernizing the Sri Lankan Judicial System.

Democracy and Governance | Rule of Law and Security Sector Strengthening | Legislative Strengthening

Coherent, Open, Responsive, and Effective Justice Program

Project Dates: August 2017 - July 2021
As Sri Lanka transitions to a more inclusive and democratic society, its government is reinforcing principles of judicial independence, accountability, and efficiency.

Since coming to power through democratic elections in 2015, the government of Sri Lanka has publicly committed to reforming the justice system and strengthening the rule of law. To modernize Sri Lanka’s judicial system, the USAID Coherent, Open, Responsive, And Effective Justice Program (CORE Justice) is improving the performance of core justice institutions and actors. Working alongside key stakeholders in the judiciary, government, legal profession, and civil society, the program helps Sri Lankans regain confidence in the justice system’s ability to resolve disputes and remedy rights violations. In turn, the government is meeting the ever-growing demands of Sri Lankan society as it transitions from conflict and centralized rule to a more open, democratic, and peaceful one.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen the effectiveness of core justice institutions, processes, and actors so they can effectively exercise their powers and fulfill their respective competencies
  • Improve the justice system’s transparency and citizen engagement by increasing public awareness of their work, enhancing trust in their processes and decisions, and garnering public support for their institutional needs
  • Enhance the governance, qualifications, and diversity of the Sri Lankan legal profession