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Founder, Wildcat Research & Advisory Services, LLC. Suzanne Kelly-Lyall

Suzanne Kelly-Lyall is a senior international development and policy advisor with 20 years of experience in design and management of USAID environment, applied political economy analysis, climate change, and governance-related programs in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Balkans, and Eastern Europe regions. She is the founder of Wildcat Research & Advisory Services, LLC (WCRAS).

by Suzanne Kelly-Lyall

How to Conduct Applied Political Economy Research in a Pandemic

Applied political economy analysis (APEA) is a qualitative field research methodology that supports more effective, politically feasible, and actionable development strategies and relies heavily on field data collected in person at multiple sites in the project country or region. Globally, COVID-19 ushered in rapid and unanticipated travel, health, and safety constraints that make primary data…