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Program Director, Lecture Pour Tous Rokhaya Niang

Rokhaya Niang is an expert in bilingual education. She is currently a program director on the Lecture Pour Tous project in Senegal, where she applies her diverse experience to provide institutional support to the Senegalese Ministry of Education to ensure the program’s sustainability. Previously, she has held other senior positions, such as the cabinet director at the State Secretariat for Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages and the Youth and Adult Education Division head at the Senegalese Ministry of Education. Throughout her career, she has improved the quality of education at the pedagogical level and strategic level, focusing on curriculum development, coordination of bilingual programs, and initiatives for out-of-school children. She also led a ten-year study on basic education and worked with UNESCO, amongst other international organizations, to develop an orientation framework for the training of teachers in bilingual education in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region.

She received her certificate as an assistant education inspector from the Faculty of Education Sciences and Techniques in 1996, and subsequently earned her certificate as an education inspector in 2002.