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Director Mario Kerby

Mario Kerby has more than 32 years of experience in watershed management, integrated water resources management, agriculture and rural development, and environmental protection and management. He served as the deputy chief of party of Feed the Future Haiti Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources, in which he managed watershed management activities, including sustainable hillside agriculture, disaster risk management, agro-forestry, soil conservation, and preparation of watershed management plans. Mr. Kerby has previously led agriculture and water management programs in Morocco. Prior to his work on USAID programs, he was vice president of ICF International. He holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics from American University.

by Mario Kerby

Reforestation: More Than Just Planting Trees

In many parts of the world, massive deforestation seems to outpace reforestation and forest restoration efforts. In tropical countries with significant forest resources, like Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia, illegal logging usually involves large swaths of forest being cut down rapidly to feed the growing worldwide demand for timber. However, in a country…

3 Questions with Mario Kerby: A Voyage Through the Watershed

Feed the Future West/WINNER combined elements of both an agricultural program and an environmental conservation program in Haiti. How did the project balance both goals? Conservation and agricultural development are very closely connected. Our project began as a large watershed program and then its mandate expanded when the 2010 earthquake happened eight months in. It…