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Chief of Party, Coastal Cities Adaptation Program Maria Olanda Bata

Maria Olanda Bata is a food security, early warning, and disaster risk reduction specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the development sector. She has worked with governmental, academic, and international organizations from Mozambique, southern Africa, and the United States. Ms. Bata currently serves as the chief of party for the Coastal Cities Adaptation Program (CCAP) in Mozambique, leading activities to increase understanding of urban adaptation issues and management options for urban adaptation. Prior to CCAP, she served as a country representative and national technical manager for USAID’s Famine Early Warning System Network project where she successfully managed several USAID issued projects on livelihoods, disaster preparedness, and disaster risk reduction. She also worked in partnership with governmental, non-governmental, and academic institutions to support policy formulation and guide the development agenda in Mozambique.

by Maria Olanda Bata

3 Questions with Maria Olanda Bata: Withstanding Storms in Mozambique

What are the biggest risks if cities in Mozambique do not become more resilient? It would be a catastrophe. Right now, we’re starting to see the impact of extreme climate events, and we know they will get worse. Even minor-seeming weather events can cause significant problems. For example, it rained lot in the city of…