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Associate Lark Walters

Lark Walters is an associate in Chemonics’ East and Southern Africa Division and a member of the Agriculture and Food Security Practice.

by Lark Walters

Pulling Levers: Case Studies on Optimizing the Agriculture Sector Around the World

Market systems and their specific value chains are a complex web of players, incentives, and behaviors. Looking closely at the relationships and rules that exist among market players and at the decisions they make in light of available choices, it’s important to ensure value chain actors and service providers adopt the right tools, technologies, or…

Climate-Smart Agriculture Means Changing Policies, Not Just Changing Techniques

By 2030, global food producers will need to feed an estimated 8.3 billion people, reflecting an increase of about 1 billion from the world’s population in 2015. Nearly one-third of the world’s current population, or approximately 2.5 billion people, depend on agriculture for their livelihood. However, increasingly frequent severe weather events caused by climate change…

A Day in the Life of Grace: Food Security and Nutrition in a Rapidly Urbanizing Africa

It’s 7:30 p.m. on a typical Tuesday evening in Kampala, Uganda, and Grace Kagawa is rushing to her small home in the Bwaise slum. After an 11-hour day working as a street sweeper downtown, and with little time and space to prepare the evening meal in her single-room home, the options for nourishing her two…