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Manager Kate Brolley

Kate Brolley is a manager in Chemonics’ East and Southern Africa regional business unit.

by Kate Brolley

Creating a Win-Win for Youth and the Private Sector

Across the world, 13.6 percent of youth are unemployed and almost 20 percent, or 260 million, are out of school. For those who manage to find a job, a staggering 17.1 percent still live below the extreme poverty threshold. The truth is that there are still too many young people who lack the education, skills,…

Creating Safe Spaces for Youth to Thrive

International Youth Day is a day that celebrates the role of young men and women as powerful agents of change and critical partners in advancing global development. This is a day that calls upon governments, communities, civil society, and the private sector to empower youth, ensure they always have a seat at the table, and…

Can Robotics Curb Brain Drain in Moldova?

This activity was one of four winners of Chemonics’ recent Market Systems and Youth Enterprise Development Innovation Contest within the youth enterprise track. This post originally appeared on Marketlinks.  When thousands of youth are migrating abroad to seek better employment opportunities, how do you provide a viable economic alternative to encourage them to stay, develop their skills,…