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Jamey Butcher

President and CEO Jamey Butcher

"What I love about international development is collaborating with people who have different ideas and perspectives to find solutions and share experiences about things that work."

Since joining Chemonics in 1998, President and CEO Jamey Butcher has served across a variety of roles and regions. Most recently, Mr. Butcher oversaw Chemonics’ global health and supply chain portfolio. In that capacity, he led efforts to implement sustainable supply chains, improve health service delivery, and scale up innovative approaches in developing country environments. He also championed the development of Chemonics’ knowledge sharing and learning hub that provides continual learning opportunities for Chemonics’ global network of more than 5,000 employees. Previously, Mr. Butcher served as senior vice president of the Europe and Eurasia, Global Health, Africa, and then East Africa business units. In addition to diversifying and expanding the company’s portfolio, he developed a quality assurance approach to new business and trained staff in innovative enterprise development methods. While providing strategic management and operational oversight of Chemonics, Mr. Butcher draws from experience as a private sector development specialist with more than 20 years of experience in Eurasia, Latin America, and Asia. He has conducted technical assignments on international trade, competitiveness, and micro-, small, and medium enterprise development. He also served as chief of party of the Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative (MEDI). Mr. Butcher received an M.A. from American University in international political economy and a B.A. in political science from Colorado State University.

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