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Manager Frenki Kozeli

Frenki Kozeli is a manager in Chemonics’ Economic Growth and Trade Practice.

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Empowerment at Your Doorstep: The Case of WEinSPIRE in Pakistan

This activity was one of the four winners of Chemonics’ recent Market Systems and Youth Enterprise Development Innovation Contest within the market systems track.This post originally appeared on Marketlinks.  Working in a market system can mean that no endeavor or initiative is too big or too small if it can lead to transformative change. In Pakistan,…

Can a Competition Create Space for Learning? Three Design Factors to Consider

This post originally appeared on Marketlinks. Development practitioners are often innovating, piloting, and problem-solving — but sometimes these initiatives have a hard time getting disseminated past the project annual report. At Chemonics, the Economic Growth and Trade Practice and the Education and Youth Practice joined forces to kick off 2018 with the launch of our…

How Do We Leapfrog the Status Quo in Trade?

The word of the day is “innovation.” Ask anyone to define it, though, and you won’t get one answer. Innovation can be new technology, processes, models, ideas — but it can also be tools that we’ve had on our belt for several years, applied in new places. Innovation can be learning and adapting. It can…