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Manager Frenki Kozeli

Frenki Kozeli is a manager in Chemonics’ Economic Growth and Trade Practice.

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4 Chances to Swallow Our Pride and Learn from Failure

This post originally appeared on the SEEP Network‘s blog.  Discussing failure is difficult because it implies that someone didn’t do their job well. Too often, the discussion stops there. Yet, the complexity of our work means that forces beyond our control often influence the outcomes of our programs, making it worth finding a way to discuss…

Transforming Public Finance — A Proven and Scalable Information Systems Solution in Haiti

“Reducing corruption stands at the heart of the recently established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” The World Bank made this statement in its November 2016 brief on anti-corruption, and the concept doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Corruption, inefficiency, and lack of transparency often hurt vulnerable groups the most, putting up barriers and distorting access to…

What Could the Trans-Pacific Partnership Mean for International Development?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the biggest regional trade agreement in history. Twelve countries representing nearly 40 percent of the world’s GDP — Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam — have agreed on a trade pact that will link their very diverse economies around a set…