Lesotho Country Director, GHSC-PSM Dr. Paschal Mujasi

Dr. Paschal Mujasi has more than 17 years of pharmaceutical and public health experience in the public and private health sectors in Uganda, Southern Sudan, Gambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, and Lesotho. Currently, Dr. Mujasi leads the the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) program in Lesotho that is supporting the efforts to increase pharmaceutical supply chain system maturity through improved overall supply chain performance and creating end-to-end data visibility within the system. He has expertise and skills in project management; strategic planning for commodity security and supply chain strengthening; strengthening information systems; individual and organizational capacity development; monitoring and evaluation; private sector engagement; social marketing; health economics and health financing; donor coordination; policy research, and advocacy. Dr. Mujasi holds a doctorate in health studies from the University of South Africa and post graduate qualifications in health and pharmacoeconomics, public health, supply chain, and business management.