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Director Christy Sisko

Christy Sisko is a program management and economic development specialist with experience in designing and implementing programs around financial services, women’s economic empowerment, investment, sector competitiveness and entrepreneurship. She has worked in in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Nigeria, South Sudan, Vietnam and Thailand. Ms. Sisko previously served as a technical manager for the USAID Asia and Middle East Economic Growth Best Practice project overseeing implementation for activities related to gender-lens investing, equity investment in the MENA region and entrepreneurship. Previously, she served as manager of the Economic Growth and Trade Practice at Chemonics.

Blog Posts by Christy Sisko

3 Questions with Roula Moussa on Private Sector Engagement in Lebanon

Roula Moussa is the CEO and founder of Netways. In 2017, she created DiasporaID, a digital platform that connects and promotes collaboration among Lebanese diaspora communities worldwide. As a partner under the USAID Asia and Middle East Economic Growth Best Practices (AMEG) program, Roula shares her experience pitching and scaling DiasporaID to USAID and recommends…

Sequencing for Success in Blended Finance Solutions

For emerging markets, blended finance is the new cool kid on the block. It’s a tool that facilitates access to finance around the world, and it’s gaining momentum with the international development community. While articles discussing blended finance abound, development practitioners increasingly seek specific information about how to “do” blended finance. Chemonics and LixCap know…

Q&A with Christy Sisko on the Revenue Capital Approach (Part 2 of 2)

This post is the second of a two-part blog series, originally featured on Microlinks, showcasing a question and answer session with Christy Sisko, technical manager for Asia and Middle East Economic Growth Best Practices at Chemonics, on the revenue capital approach and its revolutionary effect on the small and medium enterprise (SME) financing world. This…