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Project Management Director, East and Southern Africa Regional Business Unit Brian App

Brian App is an international natural resource management specialist with nearly 20 years of experience working in the environmental sector. Mr. App currently serves as the home office project director for the Resilient Waters and VukaNow regional environmental programs in southern Africa, which work with regional, national, and community stakeholders to improve transboundary watershed management and combat wildlife crime. Previously, he served as the deputy chief of party for the Southern Africa Regional Environmental Program (2011-2015) to build resiliency and improve management in the Okavango River Basin. Mr. App has worked in more than 15 countries with a focus on environment, biodiversity conservation, community-based natural resource management, and global climate change. He has also contributed to numerous biodiversity and tropical forest assessments and environmental compliance activities for USAID programs across multiple sectors. He holds a B.S. in management science from the School of Business at the State University of New York and an M.S. in international natural resource management from the School of Forestry at the University of Montana.

by Brian App

Development Works Here with Brian App

We’d like you to meet Brian App! Brian is a natural resource management specialist with nearly 20 years of experience working in the environmental sector. From flipping through the pages of National Geographic to building more water-secure communities in Africa, he shares some of the highlights of his development journey. Brian is one reason #DevelopmentWorksHere.…

The Problem with “Success Now”: A Story of Adaptive Management

Although adaptive management is widely promoted — and often required — for development programs, its basic principles can be difficult to adhere to. Strict timelines and prescribed indicators often demand immediate success — success now. How do we implement this seemingly simple approach, which is measured by failure more than success, and requires experienced technical…

Diffusing Land-Use Conflict with Science and Transparency

The challenge of equitable and efficient land allocation Land-use decision making forces politicians and land managers to grapple with choices that pit one interest group against another, and every decision seems destined to create conflict. But what if potential land uses could be ranked and supported by science? Are there win-win scenarios out there, waiting…