Final Report: Agriculture and Rural Development Support Project

This final report recaps the accomplishments and lessons learned from the ARDS program in Ukraine, which supported the agriculture sector to improve livelihoods in rural areas.
Resource - Project Report

Accessing Private Domestic Financing to Improve the Delivery of Urban Services

Critical to expanding and diversifying the foundation of municipal financing is meaningful, strategic engagement of the private sector.
Resource - Paper

Final Report: USAID Regional Program for the Management of Aquatic Resources and Economic Alternatives

The USAID Regional Program for the Management of Aquatic Resources and Economic Alternatives strengthened coastal-marine resource management and biodiversity conservation while improving the livelihoods of local populations.
Resource - Project Report

Our Work in Economic Growth and Trade

Chemonics facilitates inclusive and sustained economic growth. We work with government institutions, private sector firms, financial service providers, and business support organizations to tackle the most challenging issues impeding economic growth.
Resource - Fact Sheet

Market Systems Development Analysis Framework

The facilitative, systems approach required for market systems development (MSD) is not always intuitive to project staff. The MSD Framework is a tool that walks teams through the analysis of a market system.
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Keeping Vulnerable Children in School – Evidence of a Successful Community Savings Model

This technical brief describes how ACCELERE!1 used microfinance income-generating activities and community savings groups to help parents secure a more sustainable future for their children through education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Resource - Technical Brief

Technical Brief: Helping Rural Financial Institutions Expand Rural Service Delivery

Through five working principles, USAID’s Rural Finance Initiative served as central change agents by providing highly customized advisory services, mixing expertise from the Colombian financial sector and the development community. This reached more than 750,000 rural clients and mobilize $999 million in financial services.
Resource - Technical Brief

Final Report: Integrated Financial Management System

Emerging from nearly a decade of planning between USAID and the government of Haiti, the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) project engaged the government of Haiti to improve financial planning and public financial management by restoring, improving, and expanding its IFMS-related network infrastructure and financial management systems.
Resource - Project Report

Executive Memorandum: Armenia Financial Sector Assessment

The objectives of USAID’s Rapid Financial Crisis Assessment for Armenia were to identify strengths and vulnerabilities of financial sector participants, assess overall soundness and stability of the financial and corporate sectors, highlight linkages between the macro-economy and the financial sector, and ascertain economic policy implications.
Resource - Paper

FS Series #12: Developing Government Bond Markets – Primer, Diagnostic

The objective of this primer is to help identify the reforms required to develop an efficient government securities markets, both for the primary market in which government securities are issued and for the secondary market in which government securities are traded.
Resource - Paper

FS Series #11: Innovations in Financial Services Delivery – Branchless Banking

From USAID’s Financial Sector Knowledge Sharing Project (FS Share) is a primer offering case studies, covering business models and partnerships, relevant to branchless banking and how technology can offer tools and services to facilitate this. Examples of these tools include card-based, mobile phone-based, or other ICT-based devices.
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