Final Deployment and Roll Out of Case Tracking System Over 360-Day Period

This final report examines the Ghana Case Tracking System Activity and how it supported the Government of Ghana in implementing CTS to investigate and prosecute criminal cases.
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity

This final report shares the accomplishments of the Human and Institutional Capacity Development 2020 Activity, which assisted USAID/Georgia with capacity building for its partner organizations..
Resource - Project Report

Final Report: Support to Four State Assemblies in Somalia

This report highlights successes, reflections, and lessons learned from project implementation of the Support to Four State Assemblies (Gole-Kaab) project.
Resource - Project Report

USAID Rule of Law and Security Sector Governance Resources

This document provides a summary list of security sector governance resources, prepared by the USAID Security Sector Governance project.
Resource - Resource

Final Report: Agriculture and Rural Development Support Project

This final report recaps the accomplishments and lessons learned from the ARDS program in Ukraine, which supported the agriculture sector to improve livelihoods in rural areas.
Resource - Project Report

Preventing Violence Through Community Justice: A Study on the Relationship Between Community Justice Models and Violence Prevention

This technical brief explores the correlations between community-centered justice strengthening models and reductions in crime and violence. The brief examines five regionally diverse, USAID-funded rule of law programs.
Resource - Technical Brief

Accessing Private Domestic Financing to Improve the Delivery of Urban Services

Critical to expanding and diversifying the foundation of municipal financing is meaningful, strategic engagement of the private sector.
Resource - Paper