Chemonics staff from Ukraine will deliver presentations and discuss posters on TB detection and management tools at the 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

USAID’s Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine (STbCU) project, implemented by Chemonics, will take part in the 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health from October 28 to November 1, 2014, at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona in Spain. Chemonics staff from the STbCU project will deliver presentations and discuss posters on TB detection and management tools.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Community-Driven Solutions for The Next Generation.” This theme reflects the need to involve all stakeholders — from health care professionals and policymakers to the people and communities they serve — to identify and develop solutions to key lung health challenges. It also overlaps with work being done by Chemonics’ STbCU team in Ukraine to improve the quality of Directly Observed Therapy Shortcourse-based TB services, introduce new international best practices in laboratory diagnostics and infection control, improve patient adherence to treatment, and support a range of TB systems-strengthening interventions.

Chemonics’ oral presentation will be delivered by STbCU Health Knowledge Management Specialist Mariia Dolynska and will feature the STbCU project-developed “patient’s diary,” which encourages patients to self-observe and communicate with their health care providers, resulting in better TB treatment adherence and outcomes. STbCU Senior Technical Advisor Olena Kheylo will give a second presentation on a poster showing how piloting of TB Drug-Resistance Survey protocol can improve Ukraine’s TB diagnostics system.

STbCU was also selected to participate in the poster discussion sessions. The project will display one poster on streamlining TB/HIV case detection in Ukraine and a second on the long-term results of smear microscopy external quality assurance in Ukraine’s TB control system.

“Much has been done in strong cooperation with our Ukrainian partners towards decreasing the burden of TB in Ukraine,” said Kartlos Kankadze, STbCU’s chief of party. “We work at the national and local level, supporting health reforms and building the capacity of national and regional institutions for planning and supervision, as well as implementation of best practices in TB diagnostics and treatment at the primary health care level. We are proud to share the project’s experience at the Union World Conference on Lung Health this year.”

Throughout the world, Chemonics has worked along the continuum of health care, from enhancing the supply chain for pharmaceuticals to improving the quality of health services in maternal and child health, reproductive health, and infectious diseases. Chemonics has implemented health programs in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.