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Our Shared Responsibility: Combatting Sexual Violence through Prevention and Response

Shauna Caria | Ashley Snell Goldstein
December 9, 2019
4 Minute Read
To combat sexual violence, the global development community must scale and promote tools, best practices, and resources. In this spirit, Shauna Caria and Ashley Snell Goldstein share lessons from a new prevention and response toolkit.

4 Ways Women Can Support Women’s Economic Empowerment

Eileen Hoffman
April 27, 2017
3 Minute Read
How can women stand in solidarity with each other to promote equal access to economic opportunity? Here are four approaches, based on USAID's new draft framework.

All Health Care Providers Should Be Trained to Screen for Gender-Based Violence

Arianna Nagle | Kaelan Sullivan
May 18, 2016
3 Minute Read
Arianna Nagle and Kaelan Sullivan discuss the place of gender-based violence screening in the continuum of care, effective models, and related tools and training.
Illustration of a woman

16 Facts About Gender-Based Violence

Poulami Banerji | Linda Flynn
November 25, 2015
< 1 Minute Read
Members of Chemonics' Gender and Social Inclusion Practice present 16 facts for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

Know Your SDGs: Reducing Inequality as the Foundation for All Development Work

Kelly Cronen
September 23, 2015
4 Minute Read
Social inclusion, or the process of ensuring that everyone is able to participate in development, is the foundation of reducing inequality.