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Fisher harvesting aquatic plants on Inle Lake, Myanmar.

From Threat to Solution: Rethinking the Role of Communities in Nature Conservation

Michael Brown | Samantha Cheng | Jim Tolisano
October 8, 2019
2 Minute Read
What needs to change to create the conditions necessary for communities to pursue sustainability? Michael Brown, Samantha Cheng, and Jim Tolisano propose a two step solution.

Development Works Here with Alejandro Arrivillaga

Alejandro Arrivillaga
June 26, 2019
4 Minute Read
Development works here because great people work here. We’re excited to introduce you to our team.

The Politics of Biodiversity: Two Experiences with Thinking and Working Politically

Carolyn Heaps
November 29, 2018
4 Minute Read
What does thinking and working politically on biodiversity projects look like? Carolyn Heaps shares experiences and lessons learned from projects in Guatemala and Indonesia.

News: Chemonics at Global Innovation Week

September 28, 2017
2 Minute Read
During Global Innovation Week on September 27 and 28, Chemonics announced its commitment to innovation in global development and USAID awarded Digital Development Awards to two Chemonics-implemented projects.

Wildlife and Plant Trafficking – Is Prohibition the Only Answer?

Steve Collins
October 26, 2016
4 Minute Read
Rural development expert Steve Collins questions whether merely prohibiting wildlife and plant trafficking is enough to curb these widespread crimes.

Diffusing Land-Use Conflict with Science and Transparency

Brian App
September 6, 2016
4 Minute Read
Brian App discusses a model for resolving land-use conflicts using GIS mapping and transparent stakeholder discussions.

Meet 3 Animals that Tell Us About the Health of the Philippines’ Forests

Ronet Santos
July 20, 2016
4 Minute Read
The Visayan hornbill is one of several forest-dependent species whose presence is an indication of good forest health in the Philippines. Photo: Noel Labutap (USAID/B+WISER)

5 Surprising Facts About Indonesia — and Why They Matter for Global Development

Matthew R.G. Regan
June 30, 2016
4 Minute Read
Indonesia may not be near the top of the list of countries people think of when they think about development. According to Matthew Regan, there are many reasons why it should be.