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Securing our Future: Partnerships for Youth

Prince Owusu
September 18, 2018
3 Minute Read
How can we use the resources of public-private partnerships to solve youth unemployment and position young people to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges – in agriculture, natural resources, tourism, and more?
A river in Southern Africa

Reflections on the Circular Economy

Kule Chitepo
May 10, 2018
4 Minute Read
Is circular economy the next big concept in natural resources management? Expert Kule Chitepo shares his thoughts.
saplings before being planted

Reforestation: More Than Just Planting Trees

Mario Kerby
March 21, 2018
4 Minute Read
It's easy to focus on tree planting when designing programs to combat deforestation, but is that enough? Mario Kerby, director in Chemonics' West and Central Africa and Haiti Division, offers four lessons learned from Haiti's reforestation efforts.
A landscape of a field and mountain

Civil Society: Not Just an Advocate, but an Agent for Change

Justin Cagaoan
December 5, 2017
4 Minute Read
From preserving natural resources to protecting citizens' rights, Justin Cagaoan shares three case studies of civil society organizations creating change.

Building a Stronger Business Case for Resiliency Planning in Asia

Verone Bernard
May 1, 2017
3 Minute Read
Many businesses want to build greener supply chains, but may lack the financing and knowledge to turn that goal into reality. Can development implementers fill the gap?

Building a Future Above the Floodwaters

Mikala Kass
February 14, 2017
4 Minute Read
ASU anthropologists are tracking cultural shifts that could spell safety for Mozambique's coastal communities.

Meet 3 Animals that Tell Us About the Health of the Philippines’ Forests

Ronet Santos
July 20, 2016
4 Minute Read
The Visayan hornbill is one of several forest-dependent species whose presence is an indication of good forest health in the Philippines. Photo: Noel Labutap (USAID/B+WISER)