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A New Solution for Advancing Criminal Justice in Latin America

Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares
June 13, 2019
4 Minute Read
The impact investing model Pay for Success (PFS) has gained traction in the United States to support criminal justice-oriented programs. Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares asks: Shouldn’t the development community look more closely at PFS’ potential to achieve results in Latin America, too?

Harnessing Technology to Address Gross Human Rights Violations

Patricio Toussaint
April 9, 2019
4 Minute Read
To hold government accountable, CSOs must go beyond traditional efforts to combat human rights violations by collaborating with others, including the information and communications technology sector, to maximize their impact.
Police officers in Mexico City

Close to Home: Everyday Human Rights in Latin America

Alex Honjiyo
December 7, 2017
3 Minute Read
What does it mean to focus on human rights in everyday life? Alex Honjiyo explores efforts to protect and promote the rights of citizens in Latin America.
people on motorcycles in Colombia with the word paz or peace in spanish written on posts

Toward Sustainable Peace: Measuring Efforts to Prevent Human Rights Abuses in Post-Accord Colombia

Camila Cely Peña
November 16, 2017
3 Minute Read
How can a development program best measure local government capacity to prevent human rights abuses? Camila Cely Peña highlights a new approach from the USAID Human Rights Activity.

News: Chemonics at Evaluation 2017

October 31, 2017
2 Minute Read
At the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference in Washington, D.C., Chemonics experts explore the impact of evaluation practices around the world.

3 Questions with Hanife Limani: Opening Doors in Kosovo

Hanife Limani
June 22, 2017
3 Minute Read
Kosovo's independence in 2008 gave the country a unique opportunity to build socially inclusive institutions from the ground up.

Unchaining Modern-Day Slavery: Blockchain Offers a Real Solution

Kelly Cronen | Ashish Gadnis
January 24, 2017
3 Minute Read
The technology behind Bitcoin could help end human trafficking, according to BanQu Founder Ashish Gadnis and Chemonics Director Kelly Cronen.

3 Questions with Cristina Hardaga: Advancing Human Rights and Women’s Rights in Mexico

Laura Petruzelli
December 9, 2016
2 Minute Read
In honor of Human Rights Day, Cristina Hardaga discusses the importance of breaking down barriers so that all Mexican citizens have the opportunity to determine their own destinies.