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Digitizing the Agricultural Value Chain

Melissa Benn
March 18, 2021
< 1 Minute Read
How can development implementers navigate low- and middle-income countries' technology infrastructure challenges to help facilitate the development of successful, innovative, digital technologies? This blog provides key lessons learned from the award-winning Agronavti app from the USAID's Zrda Activity in Georgia.

How to Stop Zoom Zone-Out: Lessons from VukaNow

Belinda Glenn | Beth Skorochod
March 11, 2021
4 Minute Read
One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, with the shift to virtual engagements looking more permanent and increasing levels of “Zoom fatigue” being reported, empowering team members with the necessary tips and techniques to make these interactions a success remains essential.

3 Questions with Cynthia Steen on Transforming Moldova’s Agriculture Sector

Cynthia Steen
May 21, 2019
5 Minute Read
In Moldova, agricultural producers are diversifying their markets, while brokering new relationships and harnessing innovative technologies. Cynthia Steen discusses challenges and successes in this venture.

News: Innovating, Connecting, and Transforming Development at the ICT4D Conference

May 3, 2018
2 Minute Read
At the 2018 Information and Communications Technology for Development Conference, experts from more than 70 countries convene to explore the role of technology in global development.

Celebrating Nigeria’s Food and Agriculture Markets

Ilisa Gertner
August 4, 2015
3 Minute Read
By putting high-quality, low-cost appropriate technologies and best practices in the hands of hundreds of thousands of rural poor and smallholder farmers while linking them to demand-driven private sector partners, MARKETS II is improving productivity, incomes, resilience, and access to diverse quality food.

News: USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah Visits Chemonics Project in Haiti

December 18, 2014
2 Minute Read
USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and U.S. Ambassador Pamela A. White visited a Haitian food court where Chemonics has helped food vendors transition completely to propane cook stoves, lowering CO2 emissions, pressure on Haiti’s forests, and energy costs.

News: Haitian President Sees Agricultural Improvements in Action

April 16, 2012
< 1 Minute Read
Demonstrating his commitment to improving agriculture in Haiti, on February 16, 2012, Haitian President Michel Joseph Martelly toured local farmers’ associations to see first-hand the positive impact farmer training and new irrigation systems are having on Haitian farmers.