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When Projects Close: Lessons Learned from an Ex-Post Study

Ilisa Gertner | Caryl Merten
March 29, 2019
4 Minute Read
An ex-post study of project impact can inform future programming and validate development approaches. But, what factors should implementors consider when planning such studies? Ilisa Gertner and Caryl Merten share their recent ex-post experience.

Supporting Healthy Digital Platform Competition in the Georgian Agriculture Market

Melissa Benn
August 16, 2018
3 Minute Read
What is the role of technology in creating viable, sustainable markets? In Georgia, one project is using innovative digital solutions to transform the agricultural value chain and empower local actors to reach their full potential.
A village agent tests the quality of a farmer's harvest.

4 Best Practices to Make Agriculture Insurance More Available and Affordable

Peter Nash
May 29, 2018
3 Minute Read
Agriculture insurance is a critical tool to help farmers mitigate risk, but expanding access to it is no small challenge. Expert Peter Nash shares four best practices from Uganda that are in line with a newly released guide from Feed the Future.

News: Four Innovations for Market Systems and Youth Enterprise Development

April 30, 2018
3 Minute Read
Chemonics recently held an innovation contest to identify cutting-edge models for market systems and youth enterprise development. From robotics to river transport, the four winning models offer unique solutions from all corners of the globe to harness the power of youth and improve market systems.
Three female students stand in their school's garden.

Can a Competition Create Space for Learning? Three Design Factors to Consider

Frenki Kozeli
April 26, 2018
3 Minute Read
All too often, great innovations never get communicated beyond a project's reports. Chemonics' recent Market Systems and Youth Enterprise Development Innovation Contest is bringing interesting models to light.
A farmer in Nigeria stacks freshly cut rice plants prior to threshing.

Thinking and Working Politically to Strengthen Agricultural Market Systems

Sharon Van Pelt | Philip DeCosse
February 13, 2018
1 Minute Read
Informal politics can thwart even the most well-designed development project if not properly addressed. Experts Sharon Van Pelt and Philip DeCosse explain why political economy analyses are important to understand agricultural market systems.