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A woman participating in a cleanup campaign in a more conservative locality in Iraq.

Why Holistic Inclusion Matters for Stabilization Programs

Saeed Uri | Bahar Aljammoor
September 28, 2022
5 Minute Read
Understanding the context of a place is one of the first tasks of a stabilization program, and the social fabric of a community is critical to that knowledge.
Assortment of images showing Chemonics work

What Role Does Trust Play in Effective International Development Programmes?

Payal Chandiramani | Christopher Marshall |
September 22, 2022
5 Minute Read
Establishing trust between people is a key ingredient in development programming. Yet, trust is seldom measured as its mercurial nature makes it challenging to define. Chemonics’ new whitepaper proffers a set of principles to help development, and in particular, governance specialists, develop a definition of trust that reflects their project's unique conditions and objectives to guide decision making and programming.

Perspective: Marvie Javed on Climate Change and the Flooding in Pakistan

Marvie Javed
September 22, 2022
3 Minute Read
The catastrophic flooding in Pakistan demonstrates both the devastating consequences of climate change and how communities that are the least responsible for climate change can be most affected. Marvie Javed, a Lahore-based senior specialist at Chemonics, shares her perspective.
Two women in Colombia sit at an outdoor table, counting money.

3 Questions with Jennifer Simpson on Applied Research in International Development

Jennifer Simpson
September 12, 2022
3 Minute Read
Chemonics’ senior advisor for applied research shares her thoughts on why research is so critical to continue learning and furthering our impact in international development programs.
A Scientist Looks at a Seed Under a Microscope

In Conversation with Joy Kiiru: Connecting Research and Evidence to Policy

Joy Kiiru
September 6, 2022
4 Minute Read
The effective use of research can ignite a country’s growth and economic development. In many African countries, however, there is a disconnect between the research institutions that build evidence and the governments well-positioned to leverage research. Our Communications Team sat down with development economist and researcher Joy Kiiru to understand how to bring evidence and policy together.

Chemonics Empowers Young Innovators at Arctic Circle

September 6, 2022
2 Minute Read
Development company supports regional innovation lab in Greenland for next-gen Arctic Circle and Nordic change-makers to address climate and sustainability issues at the community level.
Farmers in two rows plant crops in an open field

Shifting the Lens for Resilient Development through the Whole-Farm Approach

Aldana Joel Canton
September 2, 2022
4 Minute Read
Chemonics’ Whole-Farm approach is a household-centric methodology that addresses multi-sectoral development objectives by treating smallholder farming as a family business and promoting an enabling market environment for the business to succeed.
Group of women work on crafts in a field in Colombia

How to Promote Meaningful Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples

Carlos Flores | Nataly Cruz-Castillo
August 26, 2022
5 Minute Read
Development priorities from donors and implementing partners have not always aligned with the priorities of Indigenous Peoples. By adapting our approaches and promoting meaningful partnerships, we can achieve sustainable development that meets the needs of these communities.