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Local Capacity Building

To promote local ownership and lasting change, we work with individuals and institutions to help them acquire and apply the skills, resources, and processes to effectively manage their own development priorities.
Chemonics works with a wide variety of local partners to build their capacity to deliver services and fulfill their missions.
Building Government Capacity
We work with local, municipal, and national governments to improve the ability of government officials to carry out their core functions more effectively and deliver public services to citizens. Tailored to local demands, we use a variety of tools and activities, including embedded technical assistance, study tours, training, mentoring opportunities, and quality management principles.
Building Private Sector Capacity
Chemonics builds the capacity of local private sector partners to increase competitiveness in local and external markets, boost business revenues, and generate jobs. We provide technical assistance and training, develop curricula for government and private sector training institutes, and facilitate private sector roundtables and stakeholder consultations.
Building Civil Society Capacity
We partner with both nascent and established civil society organizations, from small, community-based organizations to industry associations and cooperatives to service providers such as health clinics or youth centers. We most often build capacity in these organizations through grants or direct training in technical service delivery, finance and administration, governance, management and leadership, human resource management, procurement, and external relations.
Building Local Partner Capacity
Chemonics builds the capacity of our local implementing partners—grantees, subcontractors, and staff. Throughout a project’s lifecycle, we provide training and technical assistance in a wide variety of activities to partner institutions and staff. We build staff capacity by offering standardized training benefits to all local staff, providing extensive training tools and resources, mentoring and coaching, on-the-job training, pairing a seasoned expatriate with a local professional, and detailed and iterative performance evaluations.


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