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Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program | ASAP

To promote broad-based agriculture development, the Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program worked with the Afghan government to develop new policies and support a more competitive, market-led agriculture sector. Read more

Access to Microfinance & Improved Implementation of Policy Reform | AMIR

To boost economic growth and reduce unemployment, the Access to Microfinance and Improved Implementation of Policy Reform program improved Jordan's business enabling environment. Read more

Aceh Technical Assistance Recovery Project

In response to the massive tsunami and earthquake that struck Indonesia, the Aceh Technical Assistance Recovery Project helped rebuild communities and increased government capacity to respond to future disasters. Read more

Achievement of Market-Friendly Initiatives and Results | AMIR II

To address poverty and increase employment opportunities in Jordan, the Achievement of Market-Friendly Initiatives and Results project (AMIR II) worked to enhance Jordan’s ability to create robust, sustained economic growth. Read more

Advancing Kosovo Together Program

The Advancing Kosovo Together program works with municipalities and the government to integrate minority populations into Kosovo’s institutions and society via constructive inter-ethnic cooperation. Read more

Afghanistan Afghan Fertilizer Company Management Support Services

The Afghan Fertilizer Company was created to help supply local wheat farmers access agricultural fertilizer and other inputs to strengthen the agricultural sector. Read more

Afghanistan Regional Agricultural Development Program - South | RADP-S

To revitalize the agriculture sector in southern Afghanistan, the Regional Agricultural Development Program-South puts local organizations at the forefront of its strategy to advance food security, regenerate agribusiness, and boost agriculture sector jobs and incomes. Read more

Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative – South | ASI-South

To empower communities to address sources of instability, the Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative –South helped build confidence between communities and the Afghan government by improving social and economic conditions and increasing public access to information and services. Read more

Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project | ATAR

The Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project is improving the country’s business climate to enable private investment, create jobs, and enhance trade and fiscal sustainability. Read more


To develop effective agricultural markets and create sustainable financial access, AgroInvest accelerates economic recovery through a more inclusive and competitive agricultural industry in Ukraine. Read more

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