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Improving Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Egypt

The Water and Wastewater Sector Support project worked with Egyptian public sector water and wastewater companies to introduce commercial principles and built management capacity to provide better, more cost-effective, and customer-focused services.

To increase the financial and commercial viability of existing water and wastewater companies, Chemonics and USAID partnered with the national holding company and local utilities on the Egypt Water and Wastewater Sector Support (WWSS) project. By providing technical support in utility management, Chemonics assisted water and wastewater companies in implementing Egyptian government reforms aimed at improving operational efficiency and financial performance.


WWSS had four main objectives:

  • Business planning as a central management and accountability tool
  • Flexibility and prioritization of interventions: customer-driven, flexible, and responsive ability to address urgent priorities as the sector evolves
  • Leveraging partners’ expertise and resources of other technical assistance providers
  • Elevating human resource development and organizational change to strategic levels

The project’s efforts improved the institutional framework for water and sanitation service delivery in Egypt and increased the quality of, and access to, these services for the Egyptian public. The project also improved the capacity of local wastewater and water subsidiaries by developing utility-based educational initiatives; offering a train-the-trainer program; and facilitating courses covering topics such as water leak detection, operation and maintenance of water and sanitation plants, and optimization of energy and chemical use. The project successfully created jobs through essential service delivery program and public outreach campaigns.


Project Results:

  • Developed a series of program management tools that led to $1.9 million of small-scale investments in water and sanitation networks
  • Created and implemented first-ever business plans for 11 water and wastewater companies
  • Designed and launched five training programs tailored towards leadership development for junior-, mid-, and executive-level professionals
  • Assisted nine companies in streamlining financial planning, management, and reporting

Project Duration: 2008 – 2013


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