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Enhancing Governance for Broad-Based Growth in Vietnam

Collaborating with the Vietnamese government, private sector, and civil society, the Governance for Inclusive Growth Program works to strengthen policymaking and implementation while cultivating a more participatory environment that includes all of Vietnam’s citizens.

Several factors — including market reform, global integration, and institutional modernization — have led to a recent period of growth in Vietnam. It is crucial that this growth reaches all Vietnamese people, particularly historically disadvantaged and vulnerable groups including women, the LGBT community, ethnic minorities, the poor, and persons with disabilities. The USAID Governance for Inclusive Growth Program strengthens governance mechanisms to maintain this economic momentum and facilitate broader-based growth.

The program aims to improve the regulatory environment and systems for government accountability. It strengthens the rule of law and judicial effectiveness, and also improves public administration and financial management. At the same time, it pushes for increased social and economic inclusion and to empower women.

With this collaborative goal in mind, the project is partnering with the Ministry of Justice, providing technical assistance, training, and other direct support to the government. As a result, the Ministry of Justice has contributed to an emerging model of participatory and transparent law-making processes that benefits a broader cross-section of society, including business and historically disadvantaged groups. Further, the Ministry of Justice has adopted recommendations to more than 100 articles proposed to the draft Civil Code focused on protecting the rights of women, ethnic minorities, LGBT community, cooperatives, small and medium enterprises, and cooperatives. Using these strategies, the program is strengthening policymaking, implementation, oversight, performance management, and other accountability mechanisms.

The program also works with the private sector and civil society organizations to increase accountability and inclusion. By involving a multitude of actors, the program aims to promote greater information-sharing, networking, and exchange nationwide.



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