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Increasing the Professionalization of Legislative Research Services in Vietnam

The Legislative Research Program provided support to the Institute for Legislative Studies to help it become the leading center of research, information, and policy analysis for Vietnam’s National Assembly.

​Vietnam is transforming its legal system to better reflect its socio-economic condition and aspirations. In 2008, to provide the National Assembly of Vietnam with the information it needs to play stronger policy-making and oversight roles, the standing committee of the National Assembly established the Institute for Legislative Studies.

Members and legislative staffs of the Vietnam National Assembly gather at a National Symposium on legislative oversight.The institute conducts research on theoretical and practical issues related to the organization and operations of the National Assembly and provides information to support the assembly’s activities, its organs, and its members.  

USAID’s Legislative Research Program worked to strengthen the institute, enabling it to provide members of Parliament and staff with greater in-depth information and analysis of critical laws and policies being considered by the assembly. The program also worked with institute leaders to strengthen its organization and management.
The project sought to improve the quality and relevance of information, research, and analytical services and products produced by the institute; build the skills, capacity, and expertise of institute staff to provide high-quality legislative research, and policy analysis; and strengthen the institute’s organization, administration, and management.

Project Results: 

  • In 18 months, LRP held 28 trainings and seminars on issues important to the legislative process, such as national budgeting, legislative oversight, member bills and decentralization, and local governance.
  • 54 professional staff of the Vietnam National Assembly’s Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS) received intensive training in areas of policy analysis and legislative research  to help improve the quality of national legislation. In addition, 71 Members and 126 staff of the Office of the National Assembly participated in the project’s workshops and public policy symposia.
  • Institutional strengthening seminars and workshops tackled issues such as communication policy and strategy, budget analysis, conducting oversight hearings, and promptly handling member requests for assistance.  Due in part to the USAID project training, the percentage of requests that were answered by ILS staff increased by 14 percent, from 81 percent in 2011 to 95 percent in 2013.
  • The program strengthened research and English of ILS staff, conducted a survey on member perceptions of the ILS, worked to develop the ILS’ library and contributed computers, printers, and related office equipment so the ILS staff could access these tools to better perform their functions.  
  • LRP conducted a seven-day study tour to the Polish Sejm’s Bureau of Legislative Research in November 2011 as a way to provide a useful model for the ILS as it continues its development.

Project Duration: 2011 - 2013



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