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Designing an Environment to Boost Agricultural Production in Uganda

The Feed the Future Uganda Enabling Environment for Agriculture Activity is working with public and private partners to create a better regulatory framework for agriculture, helping farmers and agribusinesses.

The Feed the Future Uganda Enabling Environment for Agriculture Activity assists policymakers in designing interventions that target constraints in agricultural development. To overcome these constraints, the activity is improving policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks that affect agricultural production and trade. Such efforts are making it easier for farmers and agribusinesses to do business. The activity also helps policymakers and the private sector adapt to the effects of climate change on agriculture.

The activity is part of USAID’s Feed the Future initiative. This initiative helps countries develop their agriculture sectors, which in turn spurs economic growth, increases incomes, and reduces hunger, poverty, and under-nutrition. Although Feed the Future is an international effort, each program is tailored to meet country-specific priorities. In Uganda, Feed the Future supports the National Development Plan and the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan.

The activity aims to establish a reform process that includes public, private, and civil society interests, allowing all of these entities to contribute. With this balanced system that institutionalizes public-private dialogue, Uganda will be better positioned to prioritize needed reforms.


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