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Promoting Tourism in Jordan

To assist the largest employer in Jordan, the Tourism Development Project supported the national tourism strategy to double the tourism economy and promote Jordan’s competitiveness as an international tourist destination.

Tourism is a key driver of Jordan’s economy — the single largest industry, which employs 30,000 Jordanians and contributes 10 percent of gross domestic product. The USAID Tourism Development Project supported Jordan’s national tourism strategy to double the tourism economy by 2010. The project aimed to promote Jordan’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination by establishing the proper institutional and regulatory framework that enables a private sector-driven approach that spurs tourism growth while preserving the nation’s historic and natural resources. 

Chemonics’ work supported institutions and constructive policies and promoted sustainable tourism projects that involved private-sector resources and participation by local communities, local and international nongovernmental organizations, and associations. In Wadi Rum, for example, the project brought together men and women from historically separate tribal communities to provide tourism goods and services such as campsites, camel excursions, and traditional handicrafts. The project also targeted tourist management and conservation of the Petra Archaeological Park in conjunction with Wadi Rum and Madaba.
As a result of the project and efforts of local partners, more than $2 million in private sector investment was leveraged for Madaba’s tourism sector and more than 75 jobs were created, a large part of which were for women. In Wadi Rum, the project’s work generated almost 300 jobs, 60 percent of which were filled by women. To ensure a sustainable future, the project built the capacity of Jordan’s tourism sector by working with a number of key tourism education facilities to update facilities, upgrade programs, improve training and skills of trainers, and enhance marketing to attract more students. Consequently, applications to Jordan Applied University and Jordan Hotel School rose 20 percent.
Project Results:
  • Developed and launched a circular bus tour of Amman.
  • Created a site management plan for the Citadel in Amman and created more than 375 jobs in Madaba and Wadi Rum.
  • Generated $2 million in private sector investment.
  • Applications to Jordan Applied University and Jordan Hotel School rose 20% and increased awareness of the value of the tourism sector to 2 million Jordanians.
  • Reached 20,000 industry professionals with a safe food handling campaign.

Final Report 

Project Duration: 2005 − 2008. 


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