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Encouraging Participation in the Democratic Process in Bolivia

The Strengthening Democratic Institutions Projects promoted decentralization and regional development in Bolivia to increase confidence in democratic institutions and processes.

Through USAID’s Strengthening Democratic Institutions Project, Chemonics engaged national and regional governments and Bolivian citizens in productive interactions around constitutional reform, natural resource nationalization, and regional autonomy.

The project organized 163 "conversatorios" that stimulated democratic skills through discussion of topics of public interest.

The program worked with Bolivian partners to promote decentralization, strengthen civil society networks, and support the Bolivian Congress. To promote decentralization and regional development, the project developed planning tools for policymakers. Team members also trained regional governments and local producers in public investment procedures and regulations.

As part of the project’s civic education component, training was provided in democratic principles and skills to thousands of Bolivians. Local NGOs also received assistance to improve their administrative and technical capacity.

To advance adult literacy, the project conducted basic education and literacy classes. Legislative studies and a database of existing legislation affecting Bolivia’s nine departments that will serve as a starting point for the creation of a complete database of current laws accessible by all Bolivians.

The project’s success increased Bolivian’s participation in the democratic process under the country’s new constitution and improved the National Congress’ ability to function transparently and effectively.

Project Results:

  • 140,000 benefiting from nationwide civic education campaign
  • 7,393 participating in basic education and literacy program
  • 15,314 people receiving literacy training


Project Duration: 2006 – 2009


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