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Expanding and Improving Health Services in Bangladesh

By building the capacity of a network of NGO health service providers, the Smiling Sun Franchise Program worked to promote greater access to quality health care in Bangladesh, particularly for the poor.
The Bangladesh Smiling Sun Franchise Program collaborated with a network of 26 NGOs to provide high-quality health services. The Smiling Sun network used a social franchising approach, which aimed to attract customers who are able to pay for health services, while simultaneously extending its reach to the poor. By the end of the project the network extended to 327 static clinics, 8,838 satellite clinics, and 6,320 community service providers in all 64 districts of Bangladesh.
The project worked to support the health goals of the Government of Bangladesh and USAID by working to expand access to key family planning and health products and services, promoting improved maternal and child health practices, and preventing and treating infectious diseases throughout Bangladesh.
To promote sustainability of the network, Chemonics worked to build the capacity of its partner NGOs to incorporate better business practices, improve service provision, and build an attractive and reliable brand. By the end of the program, 12 network NGOs had robust policies, procedures, and systems in place to directly manage USAID funds or seek outside financial assistance. These capacity building efforts have created a firm cornerstone to support the sustainable provision of quality health care that is efficient, equitable, and affordable.

Project Results:

  • 199.6 million service contacts provided, of which 27.78 percent are to the poor
  • 5.9 million antenatal care consultations and 1.64 million postnatal care consultations held
  • 99,512 deliveries assisted by a skilled birth attendant
  • 40 million children immunized
  • 11.6 million children provided with vitamin A supplements
  • 7.58 million couple-years of protection achieved.

Final Report

Project Duration: 2007 - 2013

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