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Integrating Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy

To help the Bosnia and Herzegovina energy sector fully integrate into the regional energy framework, the Regulatory and Energy Assistance Project aimed to privatize Bosnia and Herzegovina energy companies through public outreach.

​Bosnia and Herzegovina has enormous energy generation potential and its proximity and access to the interconnection with the two major electricity grids servicing Europe give it a significant comparative advantage for electricity generation.

The Regulatory and Energy Assistance Project worked toward full integration of the Bosnian energy sector into the regional European energy framework and the implementation of entity action plans in the eventual privatization of Bosnian energy companies.

   As a subcontractor to Advanced Engineering Associates International, Chemonics contributed to the project’s public outreach and education efforts by increasing understanding of the energy sector, its needs, the challenges it faces, and reform efforts among the local population. The project developed advocates for energy sector reform in the country through a variety of efforts, such as training cabinet members and parliamentarians and educating the media and the public. The project unified and strengthened Bosnia and Herzegovina energy regulators, implemented the Energy Community Treaty, opened markets for electricity and gas, restructured and commercialized energy companies, and broadened public support for reforms.
Project Results:

  • Delivered five presentations to Bosnia and Herzegovina parliamentarians about energy sector best practices.
    AlterMedia Radio Network broadcast three radio shows on the Energy Treaty.

Project Duration: 2007 - 2009.


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