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Mobilizing the Philippines Private Sector to Help Subsidize Family Planning

The Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health project was designed to harness private sector motivations and capabilities to increase the share of the total need  for family planning and to reduce the unmet need for family planning among women of reproductive age.

​Chemonics, under contract with USAID, worked through the Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health project to supplement donor support for family planning services, by focusing on increasing employers’ involvement in family planning, developing low-cost contraceptives, and increased the business value of family planning for midwives, general practitioners, and pharmacists. The Philippines' recent population growth is largely due to the lack of contraceptive use. Chemonics helps to shift the market to the private sector to develop contraceptive sustainability. 

The project included three components: the workplace component; designed to increase support for family planning within the formal employment sector; the pharmaceutical market development component, which worked to establish a viable mass market for a variety of contraceptive brands in the commercial sector; and the private practice expansion component which helped increase the business value of family planning in private provider practices (with a focus on private practice midwives).
Project Results:

  • Chemonics helped train 211 midwives and provided the Department of Health with 17 newly registered contraceptive products.
  • The project established 25 new pharmacies, and the private sector share of the contraceptive market grew 3 percent.
  • The project worked to increase the contraceptive prevalence rate for modern methods obtained in the private sector from 11.3 percent in 2004 to 20.5 percent in 2009 and to increase the contraceptive prevalence rate from 35.1 percent in 2004 to 42 percent in 2009.

Project Duration: 2004 - 2009


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