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Building Public Confidence in the Palestinian Judicial System

To improve efficiency, fairness, and responsiveness in the justice system, the Palestinian Justice Enhancement Program increased public awareness and improved services of justice sector institutions and actors in the West Bank and Gaza.
​Through the Palestinian Justice Enhancement Program, USAID and Chemonics improved the capacity of justice sector institutions, legal professionals, and civil society, while increasing public knowledge of and respect for law and the justice sector. By achieving short-term gains in efficiency, fairness, and responsiveness of the justice system, the program helped to build more capable and credible institutions and increases public confidence in the system.
The program helped justice sector institutions respond more quickly and effectively to public demands, while achieving tangible improvements in services that were visible to the public. Chemonics, the High Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice, the Palestinian Judicial Institute. and other key Palestinian judicial institutions worked together to strengthen the ability of these institutions to deliver justice services to the public.
The program worked with the Palestinian Judicial Institute and law schools to help justice sector actors improve their professional capabilities by assisting with training on important topics and in practicing the skills they need to succeed. Through grants to civil society organizations, it supported public outreach in a variety of ways that teach Palestinians about the rule of law in general and their justice system in particular.
Project Results
  • Enhanced capacity of justice sector professionals by training 198 Palestinian judges and 799 High Judicial Council and Ministry of Justice staff members
  • Administered 21 grants to 13 different nongovernmental organizations
  • Supported production of 44 TV and radio programs to provide more accurate and complete information to the public
  • Processed more than 1 million documents by using a new electronic management and archiving system
  • Renovated and upgraded furniture and equipment of 12 civil courts and Ministry of Justice offices
 Project duration: 2010-2014


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