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Increasing the Flow of Palestinian Goods to Help Grow The Economy

To facilitate cargo transit through critical trade corridors in the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian Integrated Trade Arrangement supported local governments and the private sector with technical assistance, security technology, and infrastructure enhancements.
In the West Bank and Gaza, the income of Palestinian businesses is often tied to their ability to move cargo through crossing points between the West Bank and Gaza and Israel. The Palestinian Integrated Trade Arrangement, funded by USAID, worked to address supply-chain management constraints, with a focus on commercial cargo transport, to foster trade and economic growth.
In support of USAID’s mission to facilitate trade, Chemonics worked with the Palestinian and Israeli governments and representatives from the Palestinian private sector to foster a continuing dialogue on trade policies, systems, standards, and procedures. The project supported Palestinian ministries and business associations involved in policy analysis, advocacy, and institution-building to improve the regulatory and investment environment for transport and trade, as well as specific interventions to enhance day-to-day exports and flow of goods.
To answer security and trade facilitation concerns at major crossing points, the project has provided enhanced security technology and infrastructure. Processing cargo with large x-ray scanners, which are faster and less intrusive than manual inspection, has permitted increases in capacity at the crossings while addressing Israeli security concerns. Use of scanners has also resulted in less damage to transported goods, particularly agricultural exports.
In addition, the project has supported major infrastructure enhancements at multiple cargo crossings, as well as a significant vehicle crossing to facilitate cargo movement and other commerce. These enhancements at cargo processing terminals doubled cargo screening capacity and improved other physical and operational aspects, responding to ever-increasing export and import volume at the crossings.
Project Results:
  • The Jalameh vehicle crossing in the Northern West Bank, opened with project support to infrastructure enhancement, processed more than 900,000 vehicles, generating an estimated $120 million for the local economy.
  • Procured and established advanced cargo processing technology that has reliably expedited transit of more than 220,000 Palestinian trucks with exports valued at more than $550 million, improving Palestinian competitiveness through reduced costs and increased product quality.
  • Enhanced infrastructure at all three official West Bank cargo terminals, building capacity to address trade demand in the coming decade -capacity that could support more than $150 million each year in additional Palestinian exports.
  • Provided the knowledge and tools for Palestinian traders to improve their effectiveness and reduce time and cost associated with moving goods to market.
  • Created the strategic vision and enhanced human capacity that give the PA the foundation for their own presence at crossings with Israel for the first time.

Project Duration: 2005 - 2012


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